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FFMPEG required

Andrew Feb 08, 2015 06:42AM CST

I already have FFMPEG downloaded and installed as a plugin for Audacity®. Why do I need to download and install it again here? Why can I not use the FFMPEG plugin which is already installed and point Adapter to it?

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Mike Feb 09, 2015 01:36PM CST Macroplant Agent

The primary reason we have Adapter still try to download FFmpeg is so that it’s using the correct version of FFmpeg. A mismatch in the expected version could have unforeseen results.

Adapter Mac stores FFmpeg in its Application Support folder below, so you could try to put your own pre-installed version of FFmpeg in that folder (or create an alias).

Home/Library/Application Support/Adapter

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JCBurns Feb 10, 2015 03:50PM CST
Mike, I tried doing that and for some reason Adapter wants to install "ffmpeg version 2.1-tessus" built on Oct 28 2013 instead of the one I have in my bin directory, "ffmpeg version 2.4.4-tessus" built on Dec 3 2014 01:04:31 that has newer versions of pretty much anything. Any idea why?
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Mike Feb 10, 2015 03:53PM CST Macroplant Agent

We do plan to update Adapter sometime soon to have it download the newest version of FFmpeg, but first, we need to do some more testing with the new version of FFmpeg to make sure that we don’t need to make any adjustments in Adapter.

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Mel Mar 30, 2015 01:14PM CDT

I just installed Adapter and it's using its own, old, version of ffmpeg. I already have a compiled version of ffmpeg that's a lot newer and a lot faster.

I've tried removing Adapter's version of ffmpeg and replacing it with a symlink to mine. Issue is that Adapter doesn't recognize a symlink and insists to download ffmpeg again.

Please recognize a symlink properly! Thank you for a wonderful app!!!

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Jay Jul 31, 2015 02:18AM CDT
I simply cannot believe that your app STILL can only use ffmpeg version 2.1. Version 2.1 is almost two years old and ffmpeg has had SIX major version updates since 2.1. Current version is 2.7.2 Your first order of business should be to update the app to use the latest version of ffmpeg AND add some flexibility to allow user installed versions of ffmpeg. To keep users "frozen"on a 2 yr old version of ffmpeg is simply ridiculous.
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Mike Jul 31, 2015 02:20AM CDT Macroplant Agent

@Jay: I will certainly reminder our development team about updating FFmpeg and testing everything to make sure it’s working, so we should have an update out fairly soon. You do need to understand that we have a very small development team, and we’ve been super busy with other software projects and also the fact that we offer Adapter as a 100% freeware application.

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TGBX Sep 28, 2015 11:48AM CDT
If Adapter actually WORKS, then why are people getting bent out of shape about the version of ffmpeg it's using? Would you rather it be "up-to-date" or would you rather it work consistently and reliably?
And the download itself is only a few MB. You already have an ffmpeg installed? So what? You also have at least three Library folders on your Mac. They're each for a different purpose. You know what else? Every individual user who uses Dropbox automatically gets their own separate copies of "FinderLoadBundle", "dbfseventsd", "DropboxBundle.bundle", "mach_inject_bundle_stub.bundle" and others, yet nobody makes a fuss about that. Do you have any idea how many different versions of Perl, Python, Ruby and Tcl come stock-standard with every single copy of OS X? Why are you not up in arms about this? Why aren't you demanding that Apple only use and only ship the "latest"? And how is this any different?
Making a stupid, big fuss over something that is inconsequential, solely for the ability to brag that you only have ONE copy (and therefore you randomly updating it for no good reason has the potential to break every app that uses it) is ridiculous. Go back to ruining.... ahem... "cleaning" your computers with MacKeeper or CleanMyMac. This is a non-issue.
I have absolutely no objections to the way Adapter handles itself. And this is speaking as someone who manages 1200+ Macs and recommends it over non-free alternatives. We have broad licensing for Adobe Media Encoder, but not only do I recommend Adapter to our students who are not covered by that license, but even to staff whose needs are much more straightforward than the steeper learning curve of AME.
To the developers: whatever you guys need to do to continue to make Adapter great, do it.
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Sharp Oct 07, 2015 03:38PM CDT
I disagree with TGBX:

Take a look at the docs/upgrades for the FFMpeg and you will see that some of the settings are 'Broken' in older versions, that make it almost un-usable for some devices and TV's, ie: if you
try to set a profile of 4.1 for x264 the refs frame will NOT be set properly, which in turn will NOT
play on some devices....

I don't want a peeing contest, It's just really nice to stay updated with converter software, because
of all the demanding HD devices out there now...

Have fun! ;)


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